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Finding the unexpected

"I thought I'd go shopping, at all the usual places, up and down 41," Tom said.  He loves to shop.  I don't.  "All the usual places" means his favorite consignment shops and thrift stores.  He's an incorrigible collector. I was ready to go for a workout at the pool, but I reconsidered.  It had been a long time since I went on one of these outings with Tom.  This time, instead of aimless shopping, he had a couple specific things in mind that we are looking for:  a new bed, and a piece of furniture we could turn into a bar to replace an ugly built-in bar in the new house. Tom asked me for the camera, knowing he should not buy major things without my input.  He'd photograph potential purchases, show me the photos later, and then go back and hopefully purchase any of the things that met my approval. Old Banyan Way at sunrise. That seemed thoughtful but inefficient to me.  So I told him I'd go with him.  He was delighted.  I brought the came