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Harissa and happy memories

The summer of splendid isolation is what I call this time, in a deliberate effort to keep my spirits up.  In this year of horrors, my husband Tom and I are doing our part by staying home, not allowing the virus to find us.  The previous 22 summers of our lives we took ourselves and our computers to Paris, where we summered in the city.Even if we never return to Paris, that city has changed us in what seems like a thousand little ways.We didn’t drive for those months in Paris, so not driving anywhere much now isn’t so strange for us.In Paris, we learned how to live comfortably enough without air conditioning even when summer turns wickedly hot.Tom loves the French bakery breads so much that I’ve now learned how to make a boule[1] that we’d be pleased to find in a Parisian bakery.We experienced the full range of French cuisine, as well as so many other ethnic cuisines that can be found in the big city.In Paris, we came to love certain aspects of North African and Middle Eastern cuisine,…