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A Joyous Time

Sunrise on December 18 December 22, 2015 -- As the blank page stares me in the face, all I can think is that this is a "Sanibel Journal" and so much of what has been happening in our lives isn't about Sanibel at all.  You see, we've had medical adventures during the past month.  Tom had a bout of a rare, deadly hemolytic anemia, but he is better now that he spent five days in the hospital and is able to go through his regular chemotherapy for leukemia again.  His chemo makes him feel better, not worse, so long as he doesn't catch a cold while his immune system is suppressed by the drugs. After the hospital stay, this house on Dinkins Bayou was so nice to come home to.  Seeing the sunrise every morning instills a deep sense of well-being, and an acknowledgement that we weathered a storm.  We feel like we moved here in the nick of time.  Some of that feeling is because of practical matters like the elevator, which Tom uses frequently.  The rest of that fe